In the last days our development team has worked hard to update the BitSong bot. Due to the excessive number of users we had to recreate the entire infrastructure.

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The number of tokens released during the first airdrop is around 370,000 BTSG.

The new airdrop will start tomorrow 2/16/2018 at 2PM UTC and the first 24 hours will be exclusively reserved for WHITELIST SUBSCRIBERS. If you are not registered yet, you will have time to do so until 02:00 PM UTC, 2/16/2018 on the official website of our platform, in the “Subscribe for updates

For each new member, the system will give a number of tokens (currently it is a random formula from 20 to 40), while for each registered referral you will receive a number of tokens (random formula from 5 to 20). Your old referral remains active and UNCHANGED.

By connecting to the BitSong bot and clicking on “My Wallet” you can find “Wallet”, “Airdrop”, “Referral”:

  • Wallet we mean the number of tokens available for withdraw;

We remind you that for the token referrals, to be valid, the user sent by you must subscribe to our BitSong platform and enter the code obtained through the Bot “Claim my token”, in case you have lost the code, connect to our bot click on “Join our Airdrop” than click “Claim my token”

The number of tokens made available for the airdrop is 10,000,000 BTSG, equivalent to about $ 470,000 (500 ETH).

At present the price is 1 ETH = 20,000 BTSG (twenty thousand)

Keep in touch through our official website, blog and official twitter account and we remind you that for any questions you can contact us through our official chat, available on the site of the main platform of BitSong.

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