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Last week we started the first Airdrop of the BitSong $BTSG token. We received more than 18,000 entries in just 24 hours, which is why we decided to suspend the airdrop and reactivate it this week.

Why was the airdrop suspended?
We are a serious company and we do not want anyone to abuse the BitSong token that will later be used for all transactions on our platform. With a growth of 18,000 registrations per day we could not examine the abuse, in fact, it was necessary to upgrade our bot on Telegram and create the official Wallet to interact with the BitSong $BTSG token.

When will the airdrop reopen?
The airdrop will reopen this week, we have not decided yet on an exact date as we are completing the final touches. If you want to be informed when airdrop will be available again we suggest you:
1) log on
2) Click on “Subscribe for Updates”
3) Fill out the form
4) Confirm your e-mail address (check also in the Spam folder)

When will the $ BTSG tokens be available?
BitSong $BTSG tokens will be available immediately after the end of our ICO (we assume the ICO will start at the end of February).

Can I earn other tokens for free?
Sure! There are programs for Referrals and for those who will share our posts through social networks.

Can I buy other tokens after the airdrop?
Sure! Users who have participated in our Airdrop and have sent a fair number of referrals, will be able to access the Early-Sale and buy the token with a 50% discount (only 48h, hard cap 200 ETH), then you can buy them in PRE- Sale at 40% discount.

Will I earn money with my referrals even during the ICO?
Of course, we count all the users who signed up with you, then you will earn 5% of the tokens they purchased.

Stay Tuned, See you soon!!

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Token informations
Address: 0x40e9a10fecd0350305d5e919e3963248fd6f845d
Name: BTSG
Decimals: 18

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