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Important announcement !!

Following a meeting between the founders and members of the Boarding Team of BitSong, where we decided to make changes to the project and consequently the changes will be made also on the Whitepaper, we want to announce that our ICO will be suspended, for fairness in comparison of all participants, investors, supporters, users, artists and all those involved directly or indirectly.

The suspension of the ICO won’t change anything and won’t affect the participants in any way and it will still be possible to continue registering and completing the kyc procedure, but it must be done to make the changes mentioned above, to the Whitepaper.

The only thing that stops is the receipt of contributions, while the bounty campaign and all the rest of the activities continue unperturbed.

The changes we are making are technological, but also financial, there will be incredible news, and we can not wait to tell you what it is.

The suspension will take place from today 2018 October 9th until 2018 November 1st, when we will perform in the Malta Blockchain Summit and where we will communicate in exclusive all the news.

Continue to follow us on all our channels, we will give you news and information continuously as always so far.

Do not miss the chance to join us at the Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1st and 2nd 2018, for all those who have the chance, who want to hear the news live and talk directly with the representatives of our team.

See you soon!!

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