Angelo Recca steps back from the BitSong CEO role into the new CTO Position!

4 min readAug 4, 2021


Music Deserves More!”

This is the thought that gave birth to BitSong, in the mind of Angelo Recca, Founder, CEO of BitSong in December 2017. The goal was to make the royalty payment system in the digital music world, transparent and more convenient through the blockchain.

Since that time, BitSong has made huge strides in terms of objectives, technology, and development. So far, under the direction and guidance of Angelo, BitSong has launched on mainnet, generated more than 3000 accounts, nearly 2 million blocks, and expanded the team by over 300%. It’s also laid a solid foundation for the kind of change that Angelo brings, based on a multipurpose blockchain ecosystem at the service of music. Now, as a strategic and managerial choice, he has decided to end his term as CEO of BitSong and identify a new figure able to take command of the organization.

As Angelo himself claims: “Either I create, or I manage. I have chosen to create

After three years Angelo will leave the role of CEO, to fill that of CTO to the fullest of his capacities and skills. He is a naturally gifted developer and wants to express his best value in writing code and accelerating the development stages of the ecosystem. He says:

I have created a three-year development roadmap for BitSong and I want to be as close as possible in bringing the plan to life, together with my development team. However, I also wanted to be sure that we’ve identified a CEO figure who loves to manage as much as I love to create, to ensure we can execute the roadmap with the best results.

Have you already identified who will be the new CEO?

AR: “Yes, we have engaged a candidate with great experience, who has already written the history of innovation of an entire nation. Above all, he is also a committed investor in BitSong. This figure is capable of managing big teams and will support my role as CTO bringing better results and successes to everything we will develop.

He will allow BitSong to better exploit its own network, establish close partnerships, exercise lobbying work and push technological developments to their maximum. It will also introduce more structure to our work by implementing more key result areas and KPIs for all departments from business development to communication.

We are looking forward to announcing the new CEO within the next week.”

Is there anyone you want to thank?

Yes, I would like to extend my thanks to Iulian Anghelin, who has grown a lot with me and with the project. Without him I would not have made it: he was fundamental from all points of view, from pitches to fairs, and above all in giving an international reach to the project. I couldn’t wish for a better travel companion.

What will BitSong’s future look like?

The future of BitSong, even in the short term, holds big surprises and big challenges. Our white paper and its roadmap clearly show that we are here to stay and to change everything. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, including Fan Tokens, NFTs, royalty calculation system for artists, and decentralized token swaps.

After these steps, we can say that the influence that BitSong will have in the music industry will be immeasurable.”

This article could only end with the words of those who have been alongside Angelo and his work as CEO and CTO since December 2017.

Angelo’s co-founder Iulian Anghelin shares his thoughts:

“I have met very few people who have the technical capabilities, vision, ambition and perseverance that Angelo has. Despite BitSong being an independent and permissionless ecosystem, the name “BitSong” will always be synonymous with Angelo Recca.

I knew very little about cryptocurrencies and almost nothing about blockchain when Angelo began speaking to me with a very innovative view and awareness of these two things. To date, I have accrued a level of knowledge and work capabilities in this area that few people have and it’s all thanks to Angelo, who brought me into this space as a newcomer and turned me into an example.

Dear Angelo, the BitSong team, myself and the whole ecosystem, thank you for your time and tireless efforts as CEO, we are looking forward to taking advantage of your extraordinary technical and visionary skills, in your new journey as an exclusive Bitsong CTO.

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