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Alicia Keys (genre: contemporary R & B; Soul; Neo Soul)
is a well-known singer from New York.
Her incredible talent and her passion for music lead her to success at the age of 20 with the single “Fallin”.
From that moment her songs will be a success after the other, which will bring her to the world fame and the winning of many prizes, including 15 Grammy Awards.
She became one of the most influential artists of the 21st century and not just for her music.
In addition to a remarkable career in cinema and TV, her philanthropic commitment is incredible and ranges from women’s rights to helping children affected by HIV and AIDS.
Through her No-Profit organization “Keep a child alive” in 2017, Amnesty awarded her “the Ambassador of Conscience Award” one of the most prestigious humanitarian awards.
In 2013, she was Global Creative Director of BlackBerry.
Until 2018 she was part of The Voice USA’s coaching team.

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