Airdrop&Distribution Update

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As you well know, after the end of our ICO, albeit with different characteristics, our Airdrop has continued to run, offering the possibility of continuously obtaining $btsg tokens, through the referral system.

Today, we announce officially, that starting from Wednesday, February 20th, our Airdrop will cease its activity and therefore it will no longer be possible to participate in it. All participating accounts will be verified to prove they are true and have not performed any kind of activity outside of the rules imposed by BitSong.

Therefore, as previously communicated will be excluded:

- Users who use the BitBounce filter
- Users who have made several registrations from the same IP address
- Fake account like i.ang@****.com iang@****.com****.com
- Multiple accounts like: john.murray1@…, john.murray2@…, john.murray3@…, john.murray4@…

As soon as all the necessary checks have been carried out, the remaining accounts will be getting the assigned tokens. Therefore, we please the kind participants of the Airdrop campaign, to wait patiently for a few more days, until the next communication concerning the aforementioned.

Except for unexpected events, our intentions are to carry out all the checks by Saturday, February 23rd, and then complete the distribution by Sunday, February 24th.

We thank you for your attention.

Good Music to everyone!

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