Action Required: Migration from erc-20 to BitSong Mainnet has started!

4 min readMar 8, 2021


Hi there everybody, we are here today to announce as we promised, the opening of the Smart Contract that allows you to swap btsg tokens from erc-20 to bech32 (BitSong Mainnet) is Live and ready to be used!

Therefore, follow the steps below to migrate your tokens via the Account Manager.

1. Log in to the Account Manager

2. If your account is not verified yet, please perform KYC verification. Wait for your KYC to be evaluated (it may take up to 48 hours for the outcome). Once enabled you can proceed.

3. Generate your BitSong wallet, read the alert very well and if you agree with the contents, accept and follow the process. Don’t forget to keep your Mnemonic phrase in a safe and secret place, as it is currently the only way to access your wallet (Ledger will be implemented later).

4. Once you have completed the first 3 steps, migration will automatically be enabled on your account, so click on the “Start Migration” button.

5. Carefully read the alert that shows up and if you agree with the content, accept and connect via metamask the wallet where you keep the btsg erc-20. The synchronization fee is required, after which the wallet will be connected.

6. In the window that is generated, enter the amount in btsg that you want to bring to BitSong Mainnet. Remember that this action is irreversible and that for an indefinite period of time, it will not be possible to go back to erc-20. Once you have entered the amount, click on “migrate” and follow the process with metamask, confirming the transaction. Then wait for the transaction confirmation times.

7. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive both, a confirmation email and an alert in the account manager.

8. By clicking on the icon with your name at the top right and selecting “Genesis”, you will be able to see in real time your address and the amount of tokens that you have already migrated to BitSong Mainnet.

Remember that the Smart Contract will be closed on March 19th and will remain closed until further notice.

We strongly recommend you to interact with the smart contract only using our Account Manager and not directly with it, as an incorrect operation could generate PERMANENT loss of your btsg, while BitSong does not take responsibility for such events.

That said, we are very close to the launch of Mainnet 1.0 and we are more excited than ever to share this moment with those who have supported us from the beginning and continue to support us relentlessly.

Stay tuned as various updates will be published in the days coming via our communication channels.

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