The upcoming Big Bang Upgrade will bring some significant changes in terms of user features that we covered in the previous release, namely the Fan Token and NFT modules.
However, the upgrade will also introduce the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) and Liquidity Module. While these two modules are less front-facing than Fan Tokens and NFTs, they are nevertheless a vital component in the upgrade, launching some core infrastructural capabilities that will help to power the new BitSong ecosystem.

IBC Module

Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) is a protocol that’s part of the Cosmos technology stack, allowing seamless communication between blockchains. It’s designed to…

Fan Tokens and NFTs Are Coming to BitSong

The upcoming Big Bang mainnet upgrade will be the biggest milestone in BitSong’s journey to date. It will mark the first time that we begin to welcome musicians, music industry participants, and music fans to our ecosystem, thanks to the launch of our Fan Token and NFT modules. Here we take a look at each of the modules and the opportunities they offer to artists and fans.

Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are a brand new phenomenon already making waves in the sports sector. …

One of the most anticipated moments in the history of BitSong is finally here! We are delighted to announce the scope and rollout plan of the all-new BitSong mainnet, introducing Fan Tokens, a Liquidity Module, taking a seat among the IBC-Enabled Blockchains in Cosmos and much, much more.
The launch is the biggest milestone in the project’s journey since we moved from Ethereum to Cosmos so far, set to change the face of BitSong as we position ourselves to blaze a trail for Web 3.0 in the music industry.

We have chosen to name this upgrade “Big Bang” as it…

Andrea Della Balda, the new CEO of Bitsong shares his thoughts and his vision on the future of Bitsong and the strength of Blockchain to improve a system in difficulty, such as the Music Industry:

  • In this new and very challenging adventure, what are your first hot takes?

It’s important for me to begin by declaring that whoever doesn’t jump on the BitSong train now, is already missing out on a great opportunity! Ours is a long-term journey, we have a comprehensive plan to be delivered over the next five years, high-level artists and content, and a stellar team that…

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrea Della Balda as CEO of BitSong, with immediate effect. He will succeed Angelo Recca, who will move into the position of Chief Technology Officer at BitSong.

Music Deserves More!”

This is the thought that gave birth to BitSong, in the mind of Angelo Recca, Founder, CEO of BitSong in December 2017. The goal was to make the royalty payment system in the digital music world, transparent and more convenient through the blockchain.

Since that time, BitSong has made huge strides in terms of objectives, technology, and development. So far, under the direction and guidance of Angelo, BitSong has launched on mainnet, generated more than 3000 accounts, nearly 2 million blocks, and expanded the team by over 300%. It’s also laid a solid foundation for the kind…

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the invaluable support of Andrea (Dimi) from stakefish, we are close to launching a new bridge connecting Ethereum to the BitSong mainnet. Once it’s live, the bridge will allow the BitSong community to seamlessly transfer their BTSG tokens between the BitSong and Ethereum networks. The bridge will be available for testing next week, and we’re now inviting interested validators to register for participation.

An Ethereum bridge is a fundamental tool for the upgraded BitSong mainnet, providing an essential channel for BTSG liquidity between BitSong and Ethereum. …

Why the Music Industry Needs Blockchain?

The music industry offers a peculiar paradox. The streaming market, by far the biggest revenue generator in recorded music, is also the biggest growth market, increasing by nearly 23% in 2019. By the end of that year, there were over 340 million subscription users of streaming services across the globe.

However, despite the increasing demand for streaming, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carve out a career in the music industry. According to a poll conducted at the end of 2020 by The Ivors Academy and Musician’s Union, eight out of ten musicians earn less than $200 per year from streaming…

Hi everyone, this is a brief update on the progress of the mainnet and the announcement of a new feature which was integrated into our Web Player, the “Unbonding”.

The bitsong-1 launched on March 26 of 2021, has almost reached the height of 1 million blocks produced, and we can say that we are very satisfied as we have not had to face any problems, everything flows as expected.
At the moment the active validators are 62, while the transactions carried out on the blockchain are around 10 thousand, the Bonded Ratio indicates a value of 29.66%, …

Hi there everyone, today we have the pleasure of introducing you Gravity Dex, an extraordinary tool to which the community of Cosmos has worked for many months and which will get its testnet launched tomorrow, May 4th 2021.

What is Gravity Dex?

Gravity Dex is the first Decentralized Interchain Exchange, created for the Cosmos Hub.
Gravity Dex opens to swaps between two of any tokens that are part of the Cosmos Ecosystem, thus opening enormous market and liquidity opportunities for all participants.

Why is it so important Gravity Dex for the Cosmos ecosystem?

Taking advantage of the IBC Protocol (Inter-Blockchain…


A Blockchain Ecosystem to Empower the Music Industry (

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