Hi everyone, this is a brief update on the progress of the mainnet and the announcement of a new feature which was integrated into our Web Player, the “Unbonding”.

The bitsong-1 launched on March 26 of 2021, has almost reached the height of 1 million blocks produced, and we can say that we are very satisfied as we have not had to face any problems, everything flows as expected.
At the moment the active validators are 62, while the transactions carried out on the blockchain are around 10 thousand, the Bonded Ratio indicates a value of 29.66%, …

Hi there everyone, today we have the pleasure of introducing you Gravity Dex, an extraordinary tool to which the community of Cosmos has worked for many months and which will get its testnet launched tomorrow, May 4th 2021.

What is Gravity Dex?

Gravity Dex is the first Decentralized Interchain Exchange, created for the Cosmos Hub.
Gravity Dex opens to swaps between two of any tokens that are part of the Cosmos Ecosystem, thus opening enormous market and liquidity opportunities for all participants.

Why is it so important Gravity Dex for the Cosmos ecosystem?

Taking advantage of the IBC Protocol (Inter-Blockchain…

Hello everyone, we are here today to give you a periodic update regarding the progress of the Mainnet 15 days after its launch and to keep you up to date with the latest news in BitSong.

15 days after the launch of the Mainnet, the network has reached about 240 thousand blocks and 3300 transactions carried out, with 57 validators constantly active. …

Hello everyone, as you may have seen on our channels, today we have officially released Keplr as the new main method of authentication to our Web Player/Wallet.

Therefore, for those who already want to start using it, below we leave you a guide on how to connect it and import your wallet to it.
Although the previous method of authentication with the mnemonic phrase remains available, we strongly recommend that you use Keplr as the main tool for operations with your btsg tokens.

1. Connect to the Keplr extension page for Chrome, and install the extension in your browser, then…

Hi there everyone, we’re here today to give you an update one week after the Mainnet launch.

As we have already repeatedly expressed, we are enormously satisfied with the launch of the Mainnet and how the network has reached a stable cruise altitude without any kind of problems.
So a new “thank you” to our super community of validators.

One week after the launch, we are about 100,000 blocks created and about 1500 transactions, a very good number if we have to take into account that onchain transfers are still disabled.

Have you bought btsg erc-20 and don’t know how to migrate them to BitSong Mainnet?

Following articles explain step by step how to register in BitSong and migrate your BTSG Tokens to Mainnet.

Metamask https://bitsongofficial.medium.com/action-required-migration-from-erc-20-to-bitsong-mainnet-has-started-d15b8f10c5e5

Trust Wallet https://bitsongofficial.medium.com/action-required-migration-from-erc-20-to-bitsong-mainnet-has-started-trust-wallet-guide-d70ba0ea0a38

The advantages that the Mainnet offers are multiple, you can participate in governance, vote, propose and you will also be rewarded at each block according to your voting power.
Taking part in the ecosystem from the beginning will bring you numerous other benefits over time as you gain some seniority in it.

What happens if I don’t migrate my tokens?

Hi there everybody, we are here today to announce as we promised, the opening of the Smart Contract that allows you to swap btsg tokens from erc-20 to bech32 (BitSong Mainnet) is Live and ready to be used!

Therefore, follow the steps below to migrate your tokens via the Account Manager directly from Trust Wallet.

We suggest you to carry out the first 3 steps from your computer or mobile outside Trust Wallet and to use Trust Wallet only when you have to migrate the tokens, in case you are holding the tokens in it.

1. Log in to the…

Hi there everybody, we are here today to announce as we promised, the opening of the Smart Contract that allows you to swap btsg tokens from erc-20 to bech32 (BitSong Mainnet) is Live and ready to be used!

Therefore, follow the steps below to migrate your tokens via the Account Manager.

1. Log in to the Account Manager

Dear community,

We are here today to first of all thank you for your continued support and patience, especially in this transition phase towards the Mainnet Launch.

However, we are sorry to announce that we have to postpone the mainnet launch by 20 days, as various unforeseen events have delayed us with the fulfillment of the given deadlines.

The reasons that lead us to delay the launch date are basically the following:

- we had a huge surprise when generating the keys using the ledger, as the app is not compatible with our coin type, just as it is not…


Hello everyone, we are here today to make an announcement that has been in the air for weeks now and which is quite historic and of exceptional importance for our ecosystem, that is, THE LAUNCH OF MAINNET 1.0.

Let’s begin by saying that all accounts that were banned/excluded during the previous security checks will be re-enabled, as new security measures have been adopted along with the creation of the new control dashboard. …


Decentralized Music Streaming Platform (https://bitsong.io)

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