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404 Deep Records was founded in 2019 by Florin Dumbraveanu. Florin has always been a great lover of techno and techno house music, a fact that led him from a young age to propose these non-commercial genres at that time in local Romanian clubs, his native country. It can therefore be said that he was a pioneer of this musical genre in his country which led him to be quite popular locally, although he did not launch himself as a producer at that time. Later he moved to Spain, in Madrid, where in the early ’00s he also founded his own online radio station, called Radio Club 404, with which in a few months he managed to acquire an excellent audience in terms of numbers.

Having closed his experience with radios, he decided to devote himself to music production and embarked on a new path in the industry, opening his first collaboration with an international record label, Barcelona Beats Records, under the artistic name of “THE MAX”.

Other important collaborations followed with various Spanish and international record labels such as, Crazyfriends Music, CrackHouse Recordings, 21 ROOM, Bad Father Records, Strabaganzza Records or Electronic Beats Records until 2019 when he decides to do an “Upgrade” and give a boost to his career in music, so he founded his own record label, which he called “404 Deep Records”, an independent label based in Madrid.

The main focus of the label is on finding young and talented artists and showing them the way to success, promoting their music and providing the best opportunities to develop in music production and DJ shows.

Accepted demo genres: Deep House / EDM / Dance / Progressive House / Tech House / Techno / Minimal / Trance

He continued for a period of time under the stage name “THE MAX”, producing some of the best-selling and most appreciated pieces of his repertoire such as:

- In To Deep

- In Gara Ploiesti Sud

- I Don’t Want To Sleep

- Run Away

- I Believed

- Dance Floor

- Nobody Else

In 2021 he decides to rebrand his artistic figure and renounced the name “THE MAX”, in favor of his real name “FLORIN DUMBRAVEANU”, under which he still produced some excellent pieces, appreciated and very well sold in this branch of the music industry.

Some of these pieces are:







Apart from the individual productions Florin also manages to do some successful features, with high quality artists from the techno industry such as Elysia, Julia Mixa, DJ Aurika, Klara, Stiven Contreras, Maddy, or Tina Ferinetti.

Some of the most valuable and sold pieces are:

The Max feat. Elysia — My TechNO

The Max feat. Julia Mixa — Lost In The Desert

The Max feat. Dj Aurika — Overrun

The Max feat Dj Aurika — Baseline

Florin Dumbraveanu feat. Klara — The Last Walk

Stiven Contreras feat. Florin Dumbraveanu — Antiseptic Love

Florin Dumbraveanu feat. Maddy — Lost You

Florin Dumbraveanu feat. Klara — Scratched Diamond

Florin Dumbraveanu feat. Tina Ferinetti — Sexual Density

Remixes are also one of his specialties, in particular he had a good impact on Soundcloud with the following works:

Tech Girl — Disco Bass (The Max Remix)

Alberto Costas, Sandrah, Mc Bass — Teke-Teke (The Max Remix)

Rodri Jerez- La Rumba (The Max Remix)

Gulliverb — Loving You (The Max Remix)

Jil Boy — It’s Not Over (Florin Dumbraveanu Remix)

Currently more than 120 artists have already signed a contract with 404 Deep Records with more than 250 releases at this time.

Florin has been collaborating with BitSong almost since its inception, in fact in 2018 they collaborate for the online launch of the first BitSong Demo based on music streaming in Blockchain, therefore decentralized, demo app in which Florin initially ensures all the music for the various technical tests, algorithmic and for the launch of the platform.

Subsequently, when in 2019 BitSong decides to almost completely change its business model and passes from wanting to offer decentralized streaming based on the Ethereum network, to building its own Blockchain from scratch, based on Cosmos-SDK, thus exploiting all the opportunities that DeFi offers and decides to focus more on FanToken and NFTs, then Florin again offers his support to BitSong and decides to embark on this new path too, creating and launching a FanToken for his 404 Deep Records.

Beside being a record label, 404 Deep Records is a brand and intends to exploit all its potential and the potential of the Blockchain technology, locally and internationally, in order to massively contribute to the ecosystem and the empowerment of the music industry.

With the 404DR FanToken, and thanks to the power of the new financial tools that the Blockchain and the crypto industry make available, Florin aims to become a pioneer and one of the major exponents on the music market of tomorrow and beyond, through the FanToken, a cryptocurrency usable in blockchain and dedicated to the world of music, to access events organized by his label, artists promotion and remuneration, fans engagement, airdrops and rewards, new investors and community acquisition and many other activities that his team is already working on.

The official launch of the 404DR FanToken will take place on July 11th, 2022 on Sinfonia, the Marketplace completely designed and developed by BitSong, on the Osmosis Network.

After the launch, in approximately 30 days, 404 Deep Records will perform a 1 Milion Airdrop of 404DR FanTokens to the eligible community members.

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